Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (2023)

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (1)


Jun 27, 2023


"Nice course not long. Stay out of bushes"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (2)


Jun 6, 2023


"Tough course. Great challenge. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (3)


Jun 3, 2023


"Fun place to play. More difficult for a beginner like me but I always enjoy coming out here for a round. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (4)


Jun 3, 2023


"Well maintained friendly staff, short pads but very nice course"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (5)


May 31, 2023


"Hole 8 to 9 is tough to find. They marked where to go in a very odd spot. Tee pads are built for people 4’4” and smaller. Most the holes are very fair with tight lines but the shots are repetitive. Hole 7 is one of the worst holes I’ve ever played 16 being a par 3 makes zero sense"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (6)


May 17, 2023


"Trails need trimmed on the back 9 Overall nice course tho. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (7)


Apr 22, 2023


"Best course in the area"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (8)


Apr 11, 2023


"Medium length. Heavily wooded, tight lines. Super punishing rough. Can be super wet if it's rained in the past week. Still over of my favorite courses in the area."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (9)


Oct 23, 2022


"Good course. Off the fairway is super thick."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (10)


Feb 8, 2023


"Don’t play a without a local, or UDisc. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (11)


Sep 4, 2022


"Really tight fairways with really overgrown brush. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (12)


Jul 7, 2022


" Wry scenic course but be prepared to face bugs. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (13)


Jun 27, 2023


"Thick brush anywhere off of the green requires precise throws and landings "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (14)


Jun 17, 2022


"Best not miss the fairway or else disc gone"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (15)


May 29, 2022


(Video) The Ponds at Lakeshore! Course Review!

"Par 3 is a lie."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (16)


May 9, 2022


"Lot of potential. Cement tee pads are nice and signage could be better. Older baskets. Fun course tho "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (17)


Nov 7, 2021


"The course was nice. Grassy fairways, bit narrow but didn't mind the straight shots. Big bends and the rough wasn't to rough "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (18)


Aug 28, 2021


"They call it "the rats nest" for a reason. I love this course, I just tend to avoid it in the summer."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (19)


Aug 17, 2021


"Well kept fairways…. But away from the fairway, good luck. Oh did I mention almost all of the holes are blind."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (20)


Aug 14, 2021


"Wanted to play more, kept losing discs. Absolutely brutal blind holes and overgrown brush. Throwing too far makes it impossible to track discs. If you find an orange astronaut stamped Prodigy F2 disc I would love to get it back. Recent purchase and doesn't have my name and number on it. 😢 Happy to pay for shipping! Haha-Fred 402-314-4765 "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (21)


Aug 7, 2021


"Not great"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (22)


Jul 8, 2021


"This course is rough. Almost every hole on the front 9 is blind and nearly unapproachable. Anything off the fairway and your disc may be lost in thick brush and the mequitoes are remarkably bad. I love disc golf and will play anywhere that’s convenient, but I won’t be coming back here. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (23)


Jul 6, 2021


"Could use some up keep. Tall grass bushes. Lost a disc off of 8 trying to avoid the water in the bushes, which seems pretty common. I wouldn’t recommend for the beginner or faint hearted."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (24)


Jul 1, 2021


"Tough fairways and unforgiving rough"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (25)


Jun 13, 2021


" Sunday league at noon. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (26)


Aug 26, 2021


"This course is awesome. Very technical and will punish you for missing fairways. Not the best for beginners though as its tight and the rough is quite rough."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (27)


May 8, 2021


"Missing brooms for some t-pads"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (28)


Apr 25, 2021


"Clean and nicely thought out technical course. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (29)

(Video) Lakeshore Woods course


Jun 8, 2021


"Absolutely love this course in the spring and the fall. I avoid it in the summer as it gets very overgrown and finding discs off the fairway is brutal"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (30)


May 23, 2023


"Amazing course. Fucking love it "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (31)


Dec 2, 2020


"Tough course if your used to open fairways. Really wet in the spring but usually dries up by May/June. Bunch of people complain about all the baskets being par 3, but basket 16 is the only huge drive and I've seen it birdied (only once). Every year the course looks better and better, it's still fairly new. Lots of tight woods shots to challenge you. The course is pretty flat and there are no significant level changes. The rough is very rough, down right jungle. Bring bug spray."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (32)


Sep 23, 2020


"Good course had fun"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (33)


Sep 13, 2020


"If you miss the fairway don’t think about birdies. Number 16 should probably be a par 4 and maybe number 18"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (34)


Aug 9, 2020


"Every hole is blind. Bring a Spoter. Lots of opportunities to lose a disc."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (35)


Aug 9, 2020


"Overall, course is decent, a little confusing on finding your next tee spots and some fairway shots are unforgiving. Back 9 is more fun than the front 9 because of the variety of the technical shots."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (36)


Aug 7, 2020


"Nice course with fun technical shots. Seems like a good layout but there are literally thousands of poison ivy plants anywhere that is not directly on the fairway. Any shank shots or over throws then RIP. Could stand to thin out some of the brush on the sides "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (37)


Aug 6, 2020


"Great course. Love the technical aspect of the course. Front 9 had a bit of poison ivy so pay attention when searching for a disc. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (38)


Aug 3, 2020


"Tight fairways, quite challenging. Fun!"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (39)


Jul 24, 2020


"Needs cleaned up a bit easy to lose discs"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (40)


Aug 2, 2020


"Well kept, dry. You can’t see most baskets from tee pad, so can be difficult playing near other groups. Overall fun course with tough wooded lines. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (41)


Jul 1, 2020


"Lots of fun, technical holes, but way too many tight, heavily wooded fairways with undergrowth. I spent nearly as much time searching for discs as I did playing. Also not terribly well labeled. Even with the map on the app I got misdirected a few times. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (42)


Jun 28, 2020


"Short technical course, very heavily wooded "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (43)


(Video) The Woods at Lakeshore Course Review

Jun 18, 2020


"Just got trimmed up, plays nice, lots of bugs and lots of woods to get lost in.. throw straight."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (44)


Jun 8, 2020


"Well mowed but needs better signage directing you to next hole and better signage in general. 16 and 18 should be par 4’s. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (45)


May 16, 2020


"You’ll want waterproof shoes if it’s rained within the last week. Fun course, and quite enjoyable. Good for beginners and intermediates."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (46)


May 10, 2020


"Tight course, it’ll be hard when it grows in but looks like they’re doing some work to help the drainage "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (47)


Apr 28, 2020


"Little muddy"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (48)


Apr 11, 2020


"Needs more wood chips for the wet spots and a little more tree trimming would be great."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (49)


May 21, 2023


"Would be nice to see a little more drainage put in to deal with the course flooding."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (50)


Oct 10, 2021


"Fun little course with some interesting shots.Better tee signs would be nice and maybe clearing out some of the under brush/shrubs to make it a little less likely that you'll lose a disc of you go off the fairway. A couple fairways are pretty much poke and hope."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (51)


Dec 3, 2019


"Great love the course just could use some work on the puddles and stuff"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (52)


Nov 30, 2019


"I had a ton of fun but Lord is there a lot of standing water."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (53)


Nov 29, 2019


"Definitely wet. It was a choose your own path course. Find the least wet way to go. It was fun though. I appreciate the wood chips and sand that was added to help. It would have been really hard to get around some holes otherwise. Be careful going from 11 to 12. The path was flooded. My foot got a little wet trying to get from 11 to 12. I would play this course again."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (54)


Oct 18, 2019


"7 is dead, but beautiful course. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (55)


Aug 25, 2019


"Amazing course. Challenging tight course. Kept up very well"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (56)


Aug 21, 2019


"Tight technical course in the woods. Good for players with a lot of angle control, not for beginners or people trying to rip their discs far."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (57)


Jul 3, 2022


(Video) Lakeshore Disc Golf in Pleasant Hill, MO with Jason and Marcus

"Overgrown and unkept, needs some attention. Nerf the mosquitoes! "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (58)


Sep 29, 2019


"Better and better all the time... disc golf courses are a reflection of curators and this place has demonstrated that throughout 2019.. with the fairways lifted above the water level the only thing this course misses is elevation "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (59)


Aug 4, 2019


"Course is not beginner friendly. Good course for veterans and other experienced players."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (60)


Jul 7, 2019


"lack of upkeep. Lack of signage. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (61)


May 24, 2019


"holes are fun. The sling of standing water and swamp takes away from that fun. Once it dries out it could potentially be a 4 star"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (62)


May 12, 2019


"Flooded and swampy t pads are really short"

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (63)


Jan 16, 2019


"Solid course worth a drive to play. Winds through lowland and sand plains. Plenty of trees, but the fairways are fair and well thought out. 1,9,10 circle nicely back to parking lot."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (64)


Aug 14, 2018


"The rough is pretty rough. improved signage would help get between holes 8 and 9. Definitely worth playing if you are in the area."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (65)


Aug 1, 2018


"Keep it on the fairway! "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (66)


Aug 3, 2018


"Great course, some narrow fairways and deep rough. Layout is easy to follow, feels like there is nothing else around in a good way. Front 9 very well balanced, back 9 mostly side arm."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (67)


Jun 17, 2018


"Cut in a swamp, nice basket tucking and and benches. Could use a porta john."

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (68)


Apr 30, 2023


"Great technical course with incredibly punishing rough. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (69)


Mar 1, 2018


"Lots of great baskets. Very tight as it's through the woods but a great challenging course. Do wish there were a few more open baskets for some longer drives. Mainly a fairway-mid range course. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (70)


Jan 28, 2018


"The swampy areas are frozen so it’s in nice shape. "

Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex | Course Reviews (71)


Jun 28, 2019


"Upkeep is good. The course is always improving. The ratpack has done a great job cutting back on the amount of water on both the fairways and paths. The rough is rough! Keep your discs on the fairways or they will be hard to find. Challenging course. "

(Video) The Ponds at Lakeshore Short Tees


What are the hardest courses on the disc golf pro tour? ›

Sitting in a 108-acre park in the heart of Illinois lies the most difficult disc golf course on the planet: Northwood Black. Known for its recent inclusion in the Ledgestone Open for both FPO and MPO divisions, this course has only been around since 2021.

What is the hardest hole in disc golf? ›

Top 5 Hardest Holes in Disc Golf: U.S. | MPO | 2022
1Ledgestone Open1,050 feet/320 meters
2Dynamic Discs Open827 feet/252 meters
3Ledgestone Open893 feet/272 meters
4Waco Annual Charity Open558 feet/170 meters
1 more row
Dec 1, 2022

How do you win a games of disc golf? ›

One point (stroke) is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. The goal is to play each hole in the fewest strokes possible. The player with the lowest total strokes for the entire course wins. Never throw when players or park users are within range.

Is disc golf worth it? ›

Overall, the game of disc golf is great. I know I've touted it over and and over again, but disc golf is something you should try because it's just an overall good investment. Financially speaking, it's worth playing to save some money. Physically, it's good for your health.

How do you become a 1000 rated disc golfer? ›

A player who averages scores lower than SSAs on course they've played will have a rating over 1000. Players who enter a PDGA sanctioned event will automatically get their results entered into the ratings system. However, only ratings of current PDGA members will be published.

What is the most prestigious disc golf tournament? ›

The PDGA World Championship is one of several major championships in the sport of disc golf, along with the United States Disc Golf Championship. Held annually since 1982, the event crowns world champions in several divisions in the professional disc golf fields.

Is 18 handicap the hardest hole? ›

If you look at a golf course scorecard, you will notice that each hole has a hole handicap rating of 1 through 18, from most difficult (1) to least difficult (18).

What do disc golfers call a hole-in-one? ›

Ace – The disc golf version of a hole-in-one, an "ace" occurs when a player's disc lands inside the basket on his or her first attempt.

What is the most holes played in 24 hours disc golf? ›

The most disc golf holes played in 24 hours is 2,900 and was achieved by Michael Sale (USA) in Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA, on 12-13 September 2014. Sale played the Tiki Course at the Blockhouse, a PDGA certified disc gold course. He threw 114 aces during the record attempt.

What is the golden rule of disc golf? ›

Behave the right way, don't waste time needlessly, and don't bring the group down with anger, and you'll be quickly accepted and invited to join them again. The Golden Rule applies to many things in life, and golf is certainly one of them.

What is a bad throw in disc golf called? ›

Falling Putt—Another term for a foot fault within circle 1 where you step through or fall forward illegally and incur a one-stroke penalty throw. Jump Putt—When you are outside circle 1, you are allowed to jump putt as long as your plant foot (or both feet) is still on the ground at the moment you release the disc.

Can you lose weight playing disc golf? ›

Weight Loss

Playing disc golf regularly is an amazing way to lose weight. Since you will be burning a tremendous amount of calories performing this activity, you will notice your body slimming down. What's most impressive about disc golf is that you don't need to play it every day to lose weight.

Can you play too much disc golf? ›

Definitely listen to your body if you think you're playing too much. I overdid it this last season and earned myself a six month hiatus due to injury, repetitive stress led to tendon damage in my bicep. Not fun... It isn't necessarily that you played too much, just that you probably played poorly.

Why is disc golf so expensive? ›

Demand, plastic and parts availability, and inflation make higher disc prices. Especially demand. Anyone find Discs Getting Expensive?

What is the average disc golf salary? ›

Disc Golf Professional Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$95,000$7,916
75th Percentile$80,000$6,666
25th Percentile$50,000$4,166

Can you make a living at disc golf? ›

Yes, professional disc golfers obviously make money! Professional Disc Golf players participate in various tournaments and apart from tournament winnings, a lot of money comes from sponsorships and promotions, just like in any other professional sports.

Is disc golf an expensive hobby? ›

The average player will spend about $20-40 bucks at first on discs, $20-50 bucks on a bag, and then after that, disc golf can be essentially free. Your total start-up cost will be anywhere from $40-100 dollars. But let's take a look at every possible expense.

Where is disc golf most popular? ›

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular in the World?
RankCountryDisc Golf Rounds Per 1,000 People Recorded with UDisc (2021)
1Åland Islands*1,231
26 more rows

What is the hardest golf tournament to win? ›

U.S. Open. Also known as The United States Open Championship, it's considered to be the most difficult tournament in the world. It's caused by very difficult conditions in the golf courses that are specifically prepared for the tournament.

What are the 4 PDGA majors? ›

The current PDGA Majors held annually are: the Professional, Amateur, Masters, and Junior Disc Golf World Championships; the United States national championships (United States Disc Golf Championship, United States Women's Disc Golf Championship, United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship, Tim Selinske United States ...

How many strokes can a 20 handicap take? ›

They can record up to 7 on #10 — Double Bogey plus 1 handicap stroke. A 20 Handicap can record up to an 8 on Hole# 5 —Double Bogey plus 2 Handicap Strokes. 9 Hole Round vs 18 Hole Round — 7- 13 holes will be considered a Nine Hole Score and 14 holes or more will be considered an 18 Hole Score.

What's my handicap if I shoot 95? ›

With that disclaimer out in the open, if you're looking for a quick imperfect reference number: If you shoot a 95, you can say that your handicap is an 23.

What is a poor golf handicap? ›

Low handicapper – (7 and Below)

Although most of these players are not going to make it on the PGA Tour, they have the lowest handicaps because they know how to get around their home course. If you watch a low handicap or scratch golfer play the game, you will notice that it is played very cleanly.

Has anyone aced a par 5? ›

An ace of a par 5 – typically one of the longest holes on any golf course – is known as a “condor.” Through 2021, there are only six known official condors in the world.

What is a Scooby in disc golf? ›

A Scooby shot, or grenade, is when the player throws a disc upside down. It's normally used in specific situations, like to get over or under a course obstacle, or when the player is just a total anarchist.

What is a YEET in disc golf? ›

The Yeet is an overstable distance driver. Beginners can use this disc for head wind shots, and intermediate players can use this for flex shots, and advanced players can trust the stability of the Yeet to handle their power.

What is the longest throw in disc golf history? ›

What is the Longest Disc Golf Throw?
  • The longest disc golf throw ever recorded was 1,108.9 feet thrown by pro disc golfer David Wiggins Jr. ...
  • **Note: I'm not taking anything away from his throw, just merely analyzing how he did it.
  • So there were a couple of factors that led to David Wiggins Jr.

What is the longest hole-in-one in golf history? ›

The longest recorded straight drive hole-in-one is believed to be 517 yards or 473 metres, on the par-5 No. 9 hole at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver in 2002, aided by the thin air due to the high altitude.

What is the farthest disc disc golf valley? ›

The longest drive in Disc Golf Valley stands at 2844 feet/867 meters, it was thrown on the Northern Lights course 3rd hole by Johnny Ringo McGreavy.

What is Rule 17 in golf? ›

Purpose of Rule: Rule 17 is a specific Rule for penalty areas, which are bodies of water or other areas defined by the Committee where a ball is often lost or unable to be played. For one penalty stroke, you may use specific relief options to play a ball from outside the penalty area.

What is the rule of 35 in disc golf? ›

Your consistent distance throw/35 = Speed of max disc

Pointers that will increase your distance on your distance driver throws.

What is a turkey in disc golf? ›

What's a Turkey in Disc Golf? Whenever a player gets three consecutive birdies during a single round, it's called a "turkey."

What does E stand for in disc golf? ›

Innova Golf Disc Abbreviations
Abbr.Innova DiscSpeed
EG, E, EXEagle7
FTFoxbat (X)5
77 more rows

Why is it called Hyzer in disc golf? ›

The hyzer angle was named after H.R. “Fling” Hyzer, who was a disc sports guru back when disc golf was in its infancy. Now in disc golf we call a shot that flies opposite to the arm swing a “hyzer shot” which is a bit of a misnomer as hyzer was intended to only mean the angle at release rather than the whole shot.

What is a hyzer flip? ›

A Hyzer Flip is very similar to an S-Shot but follows a straighter line. An understable disc is thrown very fast with a hyzer angle of release. The disc turns or “flips” up and brings its nose down in the process. This allows for a long straight glide.

Do heavier golf discs fly farther? ›

Do Lighter Discs Fly Farther? Yes. Generally, you'll see lighter discs flying a greater distance due to two main reasons. One – The lighter weight of the disc helps the player to generate more arm speed, which translates into more distance.

How many miles do you walk playing disc golf? ›

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association's website “every time a person ventures outside to play disc golf, they walk an average of about 5,613 steps (almost three miles) per 18-hole round.”

Is disc golf bad for your knees? ›

Knee Pain - Sprain, strains, and muscle-related injuries are commonly seen in athletes who participate in disc golf. The risk comes from the pivoting movements that happen at the knee with throwing a disc. Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) - Occurs due to the frequent repetitive backhand disc throwing movements.

Is disc golf bad for your back? ›

5) Disc golf injuries to the back and knee are common, and often lead to long-term problems. Although they afflict fewer disc golfers, injuries to the back and knee can be especially costly in terms of pain and downtime, and they often reoccur.

How tight should you hold a disc golf? ›

Place your first two fingers under the disc in the same position as a power grip, but leave your ring finger and pinky almost hovering along the rim. Between your thumb on top and your two fingers under, you should have enough pressure to hold your disc firmly.

Is height an advantage in disc golf? ›

For every extra inch in height, a player is seeing an increase of about 0.5 to their rating, with a max difference of 5 points. Up to this point, there hasn't been any stand out factors that indicates height significantly increases a player's performance in disc golf.

Who makes the best disc golf discs? ›

Top Selling Disc Golf Brands of 2022
  • Innova Champion Discs.
  • Infinite Discs.
  • Discraft.
  • MVP.
  • Thought Space Athletics.
  • Axiom.
  • Dynamic Discs.
  • Discmania.
Jan 3, 2023

Is it hard to go pro in disc golf? ›

How to become a pro disc golfer is not an easy thing to do. Its pathway is rugged and rough, but if you are determined to achieve your dream and put in the work, you will become a pro disc golfer in no time. The most important thing is to put your mind to it.

Is disc golf a professional sport? ›

The game is played in about 40 countries and, as of April 26, 2023, there are 107,853 active members of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) worldwide.

What is the hardest PGA course? ›

Toughest Courses (Season)
1Oak Hill Country Club - East CoursePGA Championship
2The Los Angeles Country Club (North Course)U.S. Open
3Torrey Pines Golf Course (South Course)Farmers Insurance Open
4Muirfield Village Golf Clubthe Memorial Tournament presented by Workday
34 more rows

What is the hardest course in PGA 23? ›

The lakeside 14th hole at Quail Hollow Club is one of the hardest holes as you embark the dreaded “Green Mile” section of the course. It has always been a relatively short par 4, which will give longer hitters the opportunity to drive the green.

What is the hardest hole at TPC? ›

The par-3, island-green 17th is one of the most famous holes in the world. But it's merely a part of TPC Sawgrass' closing puzzle; the 18th hole is actually tougher, boasting a +. 530 scoring average during the 2022 Players, the highest number on the course.

How hard is TPC Southwind? ›

The course has 94 bunkers while water is prevalent. As a result, TPC Southwind is generally regarded as one of the most challenging of all PGA Tour courses.

What is the shortest par 5 on the PGA Tour? ›

Famously known as the shortest par-5 in golf, the 150yd Hill Head at Shinnecock Hills is thought by many to be the.

What is the shortest course on the PGA Tour? ›

The methodology for determining course length, whether short or long, is very simple. Each course played on the PGA Tour over the past five years had its yardage divided by its par number. So for example, Port Royal is the shortest course on Tour at an average of 96.2 yards per par (6,828 yards, par 71).

What is the hardest trophy to win in golf? ›

Which major has the hardest field? The PGA Championship has the strongest field of any of the four men's majors. The tournament is run by Professional Golfers' Association of America so, unlike the other three majors, no amateurs are in the field.

What was the worst golf score in the PGA Tour? ›

Ray Ainsley's 23 on the par-4 16th during the 1938 U.S. Open was probably the worst single-hole golf score of all time on the PGA Tour.

Is golf the hardest sport to master? ›

Golf can be a very difficult sport; in fact, most people will admit to the fact that golf is the hardest sport there is. If you have never played golf, the concept of how difficult golf is can be a hard one to grasp. Only a very small percentage of players will ever go on to being great players or a professional.

What is the longest PGA hole-in-one? ›

The longest hole-in-one on the PGA Tour is 332 yards (303.58 metres) by Andrew Magee (USA) on the Par-4 17th hole during the first round of the Phoenix Open at TPC of Scottsdale in Arizona, USA, on 25 January 2001.

What is the lowest 9 holes in PGA history? ›

Corey Pavin holds the PGA Tour record for the lowest 9-hole score, a mark he set by shooting 26 over the front nine in the first round of the 2006 U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. Pavin led the PGA Tour money list in 1991 with $979,430. He is the last golfer to lead the tour in earnings with less than $1 million.

Can you wear shorts at TPC? ›

Proper attire must be worn at all times. Clothing not permitted includes: Denim(on golf course), Swimming attire, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, gym shorts, running shorts, tank tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, cutoff shorts, short-shorts, and other dress of similar nature.

What is the hardest US Open golf course? ›

Top 10 hardest U.S. Opens
  1. 1963 U.S. Open. Course: Brookline.
  2. 1955 U.S. Open. Course: Olympic Club. ...
  3. 1974 U.S. Open. Course: Winged Foot GC. ...
  4. 1951 U.S. Open. Course: Oakland Hills CC. ...
  5. 1950 U.S. Open. Course: Merion GC. ...
  6. 2007 U.S. Open. Course: Oakmont CC. ...
  7. 2006 U.S. Open. Course: Winged Foot GC. ...
  8. 1954 U.S. Open. Course: Baltusrol GC. ...
Sep 16, 2020

What is the easiest PGA West course? ›

For most of the last 15 years, the story of the golf courses at The American Express has been pretty much the same. The Stadium Course at PGA West has been the toughest of the courses, while La Quinta Country Club was the easiest of the courses. Welcome to 2023, where La Quinta Country Club is still easy.


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